Vlahovic: We have created growing and long-term sustainable businesses. Adris’ investment potential is greater than ever

first_imgThe session of the General Assembly of the Adris Group, held today in Rovinj, ended the holding of the annual general meetings of the shareholders of the companies within the Group.In the last five years, Adris has invested more than four billion kuna. On average, it generated a net profit of almost HRK 427 million per year, while in 2016 the profit amounted to HRK 501 million. The average annual dividend growth was, without the extraordinary dividend, 21 percent. The share price averaged 16 percent annually for the preferred and 24 percent for the common stock. Maistra, on the other hand, increased operating revenues by almost 40 percent and operating and net profit by 2,4 times. Cromaris increased its sales revenue by almost eight times. Croatia osiguranje was financially and organizationally restructured in 2016 as well. made a net profit higher by 54 percent. Growth in new business profits has completely offset the tobacco division’s operations. These are the main conclusions from the session of the General Assembly.Obrazlažući prošlogodišnje poslovne rezultate i plan poslovanja za ovu godinu, predsjednik Uprave Adris grupe, mr. Ante Vlahović, istaknuo je kako je Adris, u okolnostima najniže stope rasta hrvatskoga gospodarstva u regiji i daljnjeg pada konkurentnosti, uspješno dovršio transformaciju tvrtke i ostvario snažan rast svih pokazatelja poslovanja. „With today’s assembly, we have formally completed the transformation of Adris. Instead of a business to which we could no longer add value, we created growing and long-term sustainable businesses. Adris’ investment potential is greater than ever. ”Said Vlahović.As he announced, Adris will invest an additional four billion kuna by 2021, of which two billion in tourism. “We are also ready for bigger challenges, we have our own criteria and we are waiting for the right opportunity”, Vlahovic pointed out.In 2016, the Adris Group generated total revenue in the amount of HRK 5,55 billion, while operating revenue amounted to HRK 5,11 billion. Revenue from sales of goods and services amounted to HRK 3,97 billion. HRK 2,81 billion was generated on the domestic market and HRK 1,16 billion on foreign markets. Net profit amounts to HRK 501 million, which is an increase of 27 percent compared to last year. Excluding the one-off effects of extraordinary net profit generated by the transaction of the tobacco part of the business, net profit after minority interests amounts to HRK 446 million, which is 19 percent more than last year’s profit.Maistra continues the investment cycle with the growth of all key business indicatorsIn 2016, Maistra continued to grow all key business indicators, while continuing to invest in the highest segments of the hotel offer. “With investments of HRK 490 million in 2016, a new investment cycle was launched, within which more than HRK 2021 billion will be invested by XNUMX, thus continuing the process of premiumization of our portfolio.”, Said the President of the Management Board of Maistra, Tomislav Popović. In 2016, almost HRK 500 million was invested. The largest investment, worth more than 300 million kuna, is the family hotel Amarin. Also, in 2016, the construction of the new Park Hotel began, a key product in the process of completing the top hotel offer in Rovinj.Maistra’s sales policy is aimed at increasing the share of direct sales channels, whose share is twice as high today as in 2011. Consequently, average sales prices are also rising. In 2016, price growth was six percent with an increase in the number of overnight stays of three percent, which led to an increase in revenue and operating and net profit.In 2016, Maistra generated operating revenue of HRK 950 million, which is ten percent more than last year’s revenue. Operating profit amounted to HRK 221 million or nine percent more than in 2015. Net profit amounts to HRK 131 million, which is an increase of 28 percent. In 2016, 3,13 million overnight stays were realized, which, compared to last year, represents an increase of three percent.Hotel Hilton in Dubrovnik proved to be a successful acquisition within the policy of investing in the highest segment of the hotel offer. It recorded an increase in all key indicators. Overnight stays in 2016 increased by four percent, prices by one, and accommodation revenues by five percent. Operating profit amounted to HRK 16 million, an increase of 22 percent. Net profit amounts to HRK 12 million or 53 percent more than the profit realized in 2015.With the announced investment cycle, the strong growth of booking in Maistra, compared to last year, is an indicator of growing demand and the announcement of the continuation of positive trends point out from Adris.HRK 279 million for dividend paymentAfter the General Assembly adopted the financial statements for 2016, it also made a decision on the use of the 2016 profit. The total realized profit after tax for 2016 amounts to HRK 236 million and is allocated to the Company’s statutory reserves. The amount of HRK 279 million will be set aside from the undistributed retained earnings of the Company for the payment of dividends, which amounts to HRK 17 per share. The dividend will be paid on July 21, 2017, to the accounts of the shareholders according to the balance and statement of the Central Depository and Clearing Company on June 30, 2017. The calculated amount of dividend on treasury shares is retained in retained earnings.PRILOG: PREZENTACIJA – POSLOVNI REZULTATI ADRIS GRUPElast_img

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