Community 3 can save O2O entrepreneurs

day before the rumored network "O2O death list, takeaway food, education, tourism and other areas have a large number of O2O companies have been killed, a number of media published the first article follow the view. Subsequently, the Jingdong + Yonghui, Ali + Suning, the giant gezonglianheng is dropped a depth bomb to O2O business. In the comprehensive invasion giants Baotuan grassroots O2O entrepreneurs, have the opportunity to


recently on the mobile Internet there is another big thing, Tencent mobile community conference held, revisit the community (District) 3. 3 is the third generation of community products after BBS, forum and blog, micro-blog, its core is the mobile Internet community to connect everything, in addition to conventional community interaction, more emphasis on interactive community and society, Internet and society, which is actually a community of users pan industry O2O. read more

The dark history of Silicon Valley a company that defeated Jobs and played with Gates

beautiful and charming girl dress miniskirt, electronic engineers, exquisite printing exquisite products leaflets, luxurious decoration, publicity of this company from adjacent put up a pageantry, Apple Corp booth only a little popularity, Jobs can not do anything.

this is the place in 1976 Philadelphia computer fair on the scene, wearing open collar shirt, hair unkempt, bearded Jobs and Wozniak with their products exhibition. They had a simple booth: a small card on a small table covered with a yellow curtain, and a thin leaflet. As a result, people turned a blind eye to the company’s booth. read more

Li Xiang third venture company car and home was $780 million capital injection of nearly 3 billion y

[TechWeb] reported on May 3rd news, Leo shares A shares today issued notice that the company and 7 other investors to be jointly invested 780 million yuan in Beijing car and home Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "car and home") capital. Among them, Leo shares invested 350 million yuan, after the capital increase will hold 11.745% stake in the car and home. This calculation, the car and home valuation of 2 billion 980 million yuan this round.

Li Xiang third venture company car and home for a capital injection of nearly $780 million valuation of nearly $3 billion read more

Venture capital rules in the eyes of an incubator angel investors

In fact,

said, and Zhang Lu realized from the end of the interview time all add up, there is no two hours. But readily as she finished directly after an interview with the intention of setting time place, no half slow, even more than half an hour earlier I was accustomed to the agreed place, the diffuse coffee. You know, the girls before "gossip ", so this time we picked a deep investment circle of truth and the" norm ", three are entrepreneurs Shen

fishing investment read more

More than ten years of entrepreneurship, he found the confidence in the market sentiment

review: "remember many years ago and you hand in hand, you were shy to look up." Fun network founder Wang Weimin ten years ago to start the venture, with this song to describe the possible fit.

I dark horse Wang Jun January 29th reported

ten years ago, the concept of the market is not fun supplies, everyone the impression that this consumer formats has remained mostly in the narrow streets and alleys, a small window and the door of the inn "Adult supplies four eye-catching characters. People from time to time there will be in a hurry to depart the passing such shops, the naturally or half unconsciously glance at, but rarely stop, not to mention self-assured or supercilious in. read more

We see from the rise and fall of the network’s grass root business how to do it

vintage in recent years tingfan. When in 2011 the most lively, his home where the billboards throughout the street, subway, Han Han, Wang Luodan, Huang Xiaoming and The Voice of China students turns into inspirational advertisement endorsement cheer, turned into a "VANCL style" is widely spread. However, as if overnight evaporated, now who also pays attention to every guest guest? Where is


customer, has presented itself as the Internet fast fashion brand. UNIQLO, ZARA, H& and M; these foreign fast fashion brand, where the customer’s location was significantly lower. We can see through the VANCL style advertising, where the target customers focus on the big city Fen (Zheng) bucket (Zha) "grass root" of young people who have a dream in mind, not the hands of grain, characteristics of this population without too much description. In fact, we are indeed facing this kind of customers, 29 T-shirts, 59 canvas shoes, 299 yuan down jacket etc.. Should it, where the strategic positioning and target customer is clear, and the age of the Internet "grass root to the world" of the modern fashionable ideas coincide. But why every guest will rapidly decline read more

Cheetah Fu Sheng entrepreneurship is the essence of looking for purple cow

[Abstract] in Fu Sheng, the essence of enterprise is to find the purple cow and achieve differentiation, All in minimalist, three principles.

Tencent science and technology news recently, specifically to do early investment in the capital of venture capital institutions held the first annual meeting held after the establishment of the capital. At this annual meeting, by the potential capital CEO Huang Mingming (micro-blog) invited cheetah CEO Fu Sheng (micro-blog) to share his views on the nature of entrepreneurship. In his view, the essence of enterprise is to find the purple cow and achieve differentiation, All in minimalist, three principles. read more

The business circle depression closures constantly present Unicorn streaking failures are right


, the current capital environment, enterprises fail this year they do not count beyond count, there are a lot of closures, is normal, but also do not have to deliberately emphasize a stage closures, more in the future development, the more can be found, in fact, failure is a normal, can also be understood as following for a long time, do not stop closures.

long lived in venture capital circles, people know that this year the capital market does not seem to be warming, the winter capital is far better than we imagined more long-term investment institutions, to find a good project, entrepreneurial projects can not find financing, the heart is very miserable, struggling, each came to self doubt, eventually many projects failed to survive this winter, ended in gloom. read more

Entrepreneurs see VC on the eve of he is not love me

Abstract: "we are investing in this type of company," he said as he walked into the elevator. He was so confident that he put his coat on his briefcase. He was happy with a smile. He is very happy and harvard. Finally, we’re going to get the money.

I talked to the venture investor on Wednesday. He said his decision was "quick."". He says the best thing about his Vc firm, not the "other" companies, is that it’s no problem making quick decisions. read more

Ali CEO Wei Zhe B2B three, four, two hole rate!

Wei Zhe proposed Chinese B2B industry history far exceeds the B2C business, but has not ushered in a large outbreak, a large factor is the law of development of the industry and the development of the real economy on the contrary, when the recession has B2B industry growth.

he also pointed out that B2B is the cake industry rather than making a cake, cut into the platform vertical industry must meet the "fight", "poly", B2B2.0 is a chemical reaction, the financial attribute is born, need to meet the "three poor" – regional difference, the scale difference and time difference; expansion needs to pay attention to the "four the rate of" coverage rate, conversion rate, repurchase rate, permeability. Finally, Wei Zhe remind B2B entrepreneurs do not fall into the "two hole" subsidy trap, only pay attention to KPI transactions. read more