Mayinglong content behind the book marketing

recently heard this is known as the "Oriental chrysanthemum God of medicine" and "Western Red Net darling, the praise of the old seckill make your ass godmother, smiling – Chrysanthemum cream completely Mayinglong became popular, the American people in the Amazon made a more than 1 thousand Chinese tribute to praise…

must let the whole world know it exists


I can live again


Semyon Semyon Yama Xun, thank you China!


saw a kind of "save the whole human race," the national pride in mind…


officials say they are involved in Mayinglong for the European market rarely, but because the topic with the tipping point, have taken advantage of the achievements of a perfect marketing occasion.

but do you think of this popular event Mayinglong really face Meng force? Content marketing has already formed the potential energy actually being done, red is not red, I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time.


and the beast called Yi Xing team more than and 30 creative video


team called the beast and Mayinglong cooperation can be traced back to 2010, when the company also Wanhe day should not set up over the years, both sides jointly produced creative video has reached more than and 30, and the beast, white passenger (Wang Dachui), little love, Liu Xun and other new media today in the name of Zimo coffee has also appeared in many works. The more than and 30 creative video in the network has exceeded 100 million times the cumulative amount of play.

which includes 19 viral videos, which are representative of "special forces", "bad luck", "it’s none of my business secrets", "new chrysanthemum," the youngster, and the most widely circulated online "Ode to joy".

there is another "chrysanthemum secret", tell the truth, the degree of excellence is not worse than the first.

launched a humorous viral video, I hope some depth Mayinglong creation works, can cause the audience emotional resonance. So, from the beginning of 2011, and have the team called the beast and Mayinglong combined to create a four micro film: "floating" and "big country", "the old magician", "old fighter.".


the "big country" this film was not only the CCTV movie channel free broadcast, film actor and also nominated for multiple film festival awards, won 10 awards, becoming the beast so far directed all micro film in a number of awards.


2013, with the rapid development of video sites, the need for content and copyright

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