Network = hype

network has become a symbol of the new era, is also a masterpiece, is the film, television, radio, newspapers and other media after another media. The network contribution is significant, on the opposite side of the earth, we directly on the Sohu, you can see at a glance, its real-time and cross regional, than before the media a lot stronger, our TV media is "time made or issued, far, for a simple example, maybe many webmaster friends you love to see NBA, but now the network media through a variety of ways to report information, video, text, and you see the information and the relevant analysis is real-time, compared to other media or slightly inferior.

The implementation of

network brings us the "Sister Lotus", "Mu Zimei", I use pinyin input method GooGle the first letter of call out the visible input, they have been input method included, also said they are celebrities, we all know two of the most famous merit network Public opinions are divergent. for such things, say, such speculation is disgusting; others said they told another way we want to be famous speculation".

my personal opinion, the network is an open environment, but also the basic idea of our WEB 2, so it is also speculation, it is also necessary to promote the network, but also very useful. "Why so high on the lotus? Is this truth, to attract more users and users pay attention to the network, using the network, and further improve the network coverage, but I am not very optimistic about the phenomenon of speculation. In my opinion, there are two kinds of speculation: first, benign speculation; two, vicious speculation, in fact, also known as nausea hype. What a portal CEO we visited Mount Everest before a period, is also a kind of speculation, but in my opinion, is a benign speculation, not because they are portals, or they do a lot of reasons, but because they do their speculation down at the site, this is a benign speculation; like "Sister Lotus" that should be their own ability and the condition, or else do a little, do not let everyone pay attention to her is one of the most disgusting, then let everyone envy, learning, or sharing.

In the

network on the website as the core, in the web site when speculation is mediocre, but I think the site should also be speculation, is to let more people know your site, and serve him, but if you take a three stream sites to speculation, to bring users over to the users see your site, not only can not remember what, instead could not eat for three days. I think if you want to operate a web site quality should be: first-class website + class hype, instead of the three stream sites + three streams of speculation, or is the flow of the three class website + speculation, that only is a failure of management.

network network need not speculation, speculation, speculation is not positive, we echao! "

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