URL registered in the top 200 thousand Chinese top-level domain name

, Beijing, January (reporter Zhou Wenlin) – a new round of global top-level domain name registration since the implementation of the open policy, the domain name registration also set off a climax 13. The latest information shows that the domain name open so far, the global registration volume has exceeded 200 thousand, becoming the world’s largest Chinese generic top-level domain name.

it is reported that the domain name in August last year officially opened to register, just 5 months of registration has exceeded 200 thousand, by the global domain name market attention. In December last year, the website domain name approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology, into China’s domain name system.

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". The rapid rise." domain name registrations, the network chairman Mao Wei believes that a "web site." the domain name itself has great commercial value, the two is very suitable for Chinese surfing habits, easy to remember and easy communication, both at home and abroad. Browsers support direct access to web sites "domain name, the Internet more convenient.

". The development mode of URL" domain name by industry experts affirmed, ICANN (ICANN) Beijing Cooperation Center Director Song Zheng said, "the mode of development. Web + mobile service has new development in the global domain name. He believes that the new gTLDs open to bring the Internet domain name service competition and innovation, the lack of basic in the domain name before the user choice space, and with the implementation of the opening-up policy, whose service is better, more features, more able to attract users. The rise of Chinese generic top-level domain, indicating that it has a huge user needs. Next, the parties need to work together to further enhance the user’s understanding of Chinese generic top-level domain name and attention.

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