The impact of the electricity supplier spectators and more buyers less market not to do business

with the rise of the major shopping district in Qingdao, Taitung night market is also facing the embarrassment of development. Many emerging industries continue to erode the Taitung night market source. People’s consumption patterns are also changing with the development of the times. This traditional shopping habits to Taitung night market has brought a shock. In the face of double attack online and offline, what should we do to change the night market in Taitung.




spectators fewer buyers, not previously active

winter night market in Taitung is not as crowded as summer. Reporters in the food market on the two night in the stalls selling clothes before the observation for 10 minutes, that has more than 20 customers stopped in the stalls before, there is a closer look at the most just inside the tent hanging clothes, 5 customers just picked up the watch, did not intend to buy.

owner Mr. Liu told reporters: "this year, do not do business, especially in the off-season, sometimes at night clothes are sold, busy for a night, but also with the rent money. Now, the real to the night market to buy things on people less, especially clothes, one could not sell is often, I am now pondering over the lease stalls, diverted to do anything else."

has years of experience of Mr. Zhao stall to describe the current situation in Taitung is on the market selling more than buying. "It is really a low season, you see if the night market is more than the people who buy things. Used to sell what can be sold out of stock, since people are used to buy things on the Internet, more and more business is done, money put stall a lot harder than before."

Mr. Zhao said, to the summer market is quite popular, a large number of foreign tourists came here, squeeze are crowded, most people are out of the evening stroll. One of the more than half of the people who visit Taitung night market in summer. It is a leisure tourism, will not buy a lot of things, can buy some souvenirs, local specialty products. Now the winter, mainly is the local people, is the evening to a walk, when the business is not good, Mr. Zhao had to advance to pick up everything on the stalls, early closing time.

reporter stroll around the night market, found that many stalls are empty. Some of the stalls are waiting for a sign to be rented. The reporter asked the stall. The owner told reporters that this notice is for sell together friends, now not to lease, let her hang on behalf of the rental.

survey 1: shopping district increased, the market was diverted

night market

in Qingdao has been a lot of shopping district, but also an area larger than one, which makes the past to visit the source of the diversion of a lot of tourists in Taitung. "I am occasionally to stroll around, my family lives in Laoshan, and now Laoshan has opened a lot of super business, usually buy things to buy nearby. The past is not much Laoshan shopping place, every holiday came to Taitung stroll Abba and the night market, now half.

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