Vintage where customers want to achieve performance increase of 50% for the full year earnings this


[introduction] Chen said, every guest in 2013 to achieve annual growth of 50%, followed by the profit for the whole year, in order to fight an uphill battle in 2013.


all passengers aged CEO (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 28th

the depth of the Zhongshan Park in Beijing yesterday afternoon ushered in a group of special guests. In the Zhongshan Park music hall in Zhongshan, in the face of all passengers aged CEO Taiwan employees solo song, solo after ageing and every guest executives together when the judges, a good voice is the internal customer. However, few people have noticed that this year the Internet fast fashion brands in this way.

you remember a year ago we will not only Lei Xue Manzi, rash and too much in haste, Li Guoqing and other industry heavyweights attended Huang Xiaoming, Li Yuchun, Han Han, Wang Luodan, and other stars, and even the Japanese AV actress Sora Aoi at the annual meeting of a big show of calligraphy, and lead business chiefs lined up to embrace smiling. This year we will become the industry event.

With the constant change between

, where the customer is changing. This change with the old words: humiliation, back to life, traveling light. Over the past year and a half, where the customer facing out of control, such as sky Rockets lost power rapid fall. Now where the customer to return to common sense: the supremacy of the user experience of common sense, fashion brand management of common sense.

reduced the non core business functions in the focus on core products, at the same time, return to common sense where the customer is no longer engage in the great leap forward, Chen said, every guest in 2013 to achieve annual growth of 50%, followed by the profit for the whole year, in order to fight an uphill battle in 2013, the overall landslide Chinese even collapse of traditional garment industry situation, has been around clear the brand concept, to provide the highest cost-effective products for users. Female users demand has been listed as a priority among priorities in the.


and Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong recently expressed all have different approaches but equally satisfactory results. Liu Qiangdong had also said at the annual meeting, the Jingdong in 2013 will "grow" strategy, firmly believe that by the fourth quarter of 2013, the Jingdong can realize the true meaning of profit. Liu Qiangdong also pointed out, will encounter a lot of problems, the process of system problems, the root cause of the problem in the process of rapid development, through a year of hard work, the accumulation of the past ten years to solve the problem from the system, process, source.

CEO said Kongyu Xing sent on behalf of the Tencent of science and technology, the competition in the 2013 B2C industry platform will still continue, but the electricity price war will not fierce again in 2012. In addition, with the Jingdong, where customers and other companies are B2C after several rounds of financing, capital is very difficult to come in, these companies are no longer blindly pursue scale, will be more secure, from 2013 to 2014 earnings should be a move.

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