On the promotion of e-commerce website through case

plans to write this article already for a long time, but there has been no pen, the main reason is to accumulate some experience in electronic commerce, to classmates and friends more and better, with substantive suggestions. In fact, the students of this major, when they first came into contact with each other, are very puzzled: what do we learn? Why should we study this major? What can we learn from this major?

In fact,

overall, the student’s doubts and our country education system have a great relationship, in high school students only know how to learn and do not know the specialty, and after college entrance examination, and others, most of them are parents, parents will see the social analysis of the employment situation of the individual, even a lot of parents have Never mind into a good school in the first place, while ignoring the importance of professional.

this caused a lot of student friends, into the ideal university, but do not know what they are learning.

and e-commerce students confusion is more obvious, mainly in the following points: don’t know what to do to learn e-commerce out! You said a computer professional, at least to a process, write a small program, come out to look for a small company to do business management professional programmers, if it is. Can write a copy, make a plan, such as being a secretary out of the electronic commerce professional, and in between computer and business management of the two, is two to two, are not fine, it is embarrassing.

don’t know e-commerce in what! If only is a computer professional, everyday language is C, JAVA and so on, as long as a computer language master, basically follow, and e-commerce professional students, but also to grasp C language, like web pages to master, and business management must also understand, but also to be familiar with the network marketing, website promotion needs to know, writing is a must. Even some schools have set up courses such as computer communication and other related telecommunication courses, which are more and more serious and misleading. Don’t know how to live!! what all know what is not fine, this phenomenon may be e-commerce students most confusing point, looking at other college students, sketch sketch, tutor tutor, social practice, social practice, and neither have the professional academy of Fine Arts School of music, then debauch. There is no computer science, College of physical chemistry that specializes in academic, not even management school, then College of foreign trade business. It is the biggest harvest! Do a self disdain of small ", wrote several Internet business report, only this.

In fact,

e-commerce specialty really want to learn is not so complicated. Here I use a case to analyze it!

I first introduce myself, I am also a professional e-commerce, after work is also engaged in the industry. The first job is mainly to promote " Chaozhou Fantong &quo>

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