Analysis of WeChat marketing actually did not imagine the powerful

passing through downtown, see business promotional advertising, mobile phone WeChat pulled out, and the two-dimensional code scanning businesses participate in the lottery to buy the product, and other marketing activities, I believe many people have experienced, yes, although WeChat was only a few years, but WeChat marketing has approached our daily life. Whether businesses or users, we regard WeChat as an essential part of daily life, it is also the heat, let the Internet to see some personnel engaged in marketing opportunities, by users of WeChat’s big and high open rate with the sale of. Both the sellers circle of friends or the public large culture, positioning WeChat also gradually fade at first instant messaging, to form a broad platform.

In fact, we believe that WeChat has

marketing value, mainly for users to consider, after all have a number of nearly 600 million users, any ordinary message will be infinitely enlarged, but so that WeChat marketing more than anything, known as the king of marketing in the world, people still feel a bit too. After all, WeChat official did not recognize their own media properties, and from a practical point of view,. WeChat marketing there are still a lot of short board and problems, restricting the healthy development of WeChat marketing, this paper analyzes these issues one or two.

marketing channel is actually a single. Currently, WeChat marketing is the main mode of use, is to try to push their own product information to the user, the user experience and decide whether to buy. However, an embarrassing reality is that the current WeChat marketing channel and the first paragraph is too simple, the only way is to scan two-dimensional code, the user scans to obtain product information, if interested in the product, have the intention to buy, you may share in the circle of friends, to expand the visibility of products, but if the user of the the product is not interested, he just move a finger, the cancellation of the micro signal products concern, the product can be shut out.

in this sense, the merchant’s products may not very good promotion is aborted, the crack of the road, is to broaden the product distribution channels, a variety of ways to use this platform to sell WeChat products.

does not pay too much attention to the user experience. As everyone knows, operators are very demanding on traffic management, love playing mobile phone Internet friends are worried about the flow because of the heavy price, exceed the standard, they will pay a 1 MB of traffic is equal to 1 yuan of money so many people in peacetime will shut down the flow of data switch, such a problem is to bring many people to scan the two-dimensional code, will care about near the free wireless network, mobile phone or to check the above did not install the two-dimensional code scanning software, which is a prerequisite for WeChat marketing. These thresholds, users may not want to scan the two-dimensional code of business products. It is this way, WeChat marketing does not pay attention to user experience, many people may feel that the novel at first, later will feel very vexed, in the course of time is very rejection this way.

fans interaction is low, small information push. Point to point spread, WeChat marketing features and major advantages, but compared with micro-blog, he is missing >

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