DoubleClick started supporting SilverLight ads

Google announced that the DoubleClick platform is now officially supported by Microsoft Silverlight 2 platform advertising, and will be the first company to do SilverLight video advertising in DoubleClick. during the Olympic Games will be fully used SilverLight video broadcast.

Microsoft.NET development vice president Scott Guthrie said Microsoft has always attached great importance to cooperation with partners and industry in order to make Microsoft’s products have a better user experience. Microsoft will expand cooperation with the advertising industry with SilverLight. Microsoft is pleased to see that DoubleClick allows customers to deploy SilverLight ads.

Microsoft had planned to expand the SilverLight advertising business, but before Microsoft officially started, it will lead to Google, people will feel difficult to understand, the original author with sarcasm that questioned Microsoft, while in the translator’s opinion, this is Microsoft Microsoft smart, SilverLight since the development has entered the second however, this important version, known as the Flash killer tool has not been recognized by the industry’s real, Microsoft is the only comfort, during the games the whole SilverLight video broadcast, this will be the SilverLight golden opportunity, but also a test of SilverLight. Let Microsoft Google deployment SilverLight advertising, is to let the SilverLight recognized the most important opportunities in the advertising industry, Microsoft’s own advertising is not worth mentioning, Google status will really bring influence to SilverLight, seize this opportunity is the key to the success of the final SilverLight.

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