Community development from Tianya community

from the end of the community to see community development, the current volume of about 20 million of the current user, the daily traffic in about 1 hundred million. Revenue last year at about 30000000 this year, an increase of 1 – 2 times. Although there are 20 million of the end of the user, but this part of the user’s social function is very weak. The interior of the system such as integral system, many functions are not perfect. So this is the first step in the transition will encounter the first resistance.

Tianya revenue currently, mainly advertising, services. Which accounted for the vast majority of advertising, such as wireless services, user service revenue accounted for a small portion. Advertising, traditional advertising and the majority, some of the community’s interactive marketing advertising accounted for part of the activities, such as marketing, community marketing, corporate home, etc.. At present, the proportion of big brand advertising is the strategic focus of the business. The edge of the edge of the sales industry is FMCG, automotive, finance, network services, etc..

horizon of the current business model design and its characteristics are inseparable. Internally, the basic definition of the two directions. Traditional forums and social networks. Skyline is actually focusing on the traditional forum route. Not too strong in social networking. The skyline in the management of the traditional forum, on the basis of self-organization, in the form of media operations. So in the past few years, we will see the big event occurs, why the skyline in the first place. Of course, the trader speculation also has a great relationship.

corresponds to this shift. Long term revenue model design, can not rely on the current advertising. But to synchronize the user based revenue. This is another difficult point. From the revenue point of view, the pilot of the regional platform is income, but there is a gap between the horizon and the current size. Skyline development to the present, the hope is the number of more than 100 million. But the income of the local platform is still not up to. At the same time how to compete with the original local community platform. It’s a difficult point. Ironically, users use the revenue generated by the horizon platform, much larger than the size of the current income horizon. But the horizon does not understand, can not go deep into the whole transaction process.

attempts to provide a virtual supply chain by providing the underlying products of the virtual network community to provide localized service for users. Due to the need to re adjust some of the community structure, so in business, can only be a long-term strategy to consider, short-term cash flow can not be honored. Community service, some are directly related to the commercial value, and from the small and medium-sized enterprise services easy to produce value, and some vague and general can be concentrated into popularity, but now there should be limited income, is to turn toward this respect, localization is a direction, but the core is the application of electronic commerce to promote community.

we all know that a rule, that is, to attract the male community does not make money, attract women’s community to make money than men, especially single user contribution rate is high." So, in the classification of information, Chinese no credit environment inside, is a dead end, so the user viscosity is low.

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