(three) the choice of personal website profit model (2)

(I) is to "interest" or "operation""

take the first question to continue:

(two) personal site initial profit model selection

profit model, it is to take what money. Before I say this, I want to talk about the changes of the Internet in china. I divide the Chinese Internet into three eras (purely personal):

1              information tool age


2              media age


3              Internet society era

( )

era of information tools network as a tool for information exchange, nothing to say, PASS.

  media age (2000 years ago), I focus on. If you are in 1988 or even earlier to the Internet, you should know that a very popular word "surfing", do not think that is very cool, it is not a good feeling, listening to the cat Zizi beep sound, thinking as rising Internet telephone charges, endure heartache. The purpose of the Internet is very clear, to find the information needed to see a quick save to the local, too late to see ah, after a short period of time to look at the local, found not enough, and then dial……. This makes it impossible for us to enjoy long – term online services.

and the Internet technology to HTML, CGI based, which determines the network can not provide too much content.

is precisely these two, decided this period of network is the pure media, the dissemination information, the dissemination information, is very difficult to have more services. And the characteristics of the media communication, learned friends should know that is the eyeball economy, the eye has everything, and advertising is the media yisifumu. So, as you can see, when doing e-commerce, free space, site software download without much development, is the fastest growing news and information site, then these sites to come up with a Chinese forward, the term "portal". In fact, in English, portal station is "Bridge Page", the bridge page, that is, others through your site to link to other sites, search the information needed. In China, the word "portal" is called so much meaning that it becomes an obvious feature of the network media era.

development of the Internet makes the network media gradually strong, network advertisement is more and more recognized, at this period, advertising, advertising sites survive, develop, and refused to stand a lot of advertising disappeared, or been acquired. China’s first network elite appeared in this

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