Street Street Street – wash, transformation and commercialization of exploration

after three years of rapid development, unfamiliar street has spent the savage pioneering stage. This had been wearing about guns artifact of social software, experienced white wash, transformation and less perfect commercial exploration, now submitted IPO application to the unfamiliar street, the challenge has just begun.


yesterday, the domestic mobile social applications unfamiliar street submitted to the IPO application SEC, the proposed maximum financing $300 million, listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, stock trading code MOMO. The good news about unfamiliar street to be listed, gratifying.

in the circle of science and technology, business model about literati, Erlang are of concern to the two individuals, one is the hammer technology Luo Yonghao, the other one is unfamiliar street technology Tang Yan, the two bones are revealed a flavor of literati, which now in shopping malls such as the battlefield of science and technology circle, it is quite acid Sao pedantic.

hammer price incident, feelings is the word diatribe, Luo Yonghao also held silent language. Obviously, compared with the craftsmen Luo feelings, the young Tang Yan’s obsession seems more reliable some. Unfamiliar street market, those who have questioned, abuse, criticism of the sound as a bell and the awakening. And can bring real money "obsession" compared with grandiose forced "feelings" instantly be cast into the shade. However, the unfamiliar street, listing does not mean absolute success, but as a stranger to the social platform, science and technology, there are too many cultural and moral constraints, security level, it is worth discussing.

about gun artifact of the white wash road

when just popular social software, said a software is about guns artifact, and not too much emotion, in my curiosity, users have to download a fresh impulse. The accumulation in the original social platform for users of the early, if posted about guns artifact label can help the weak marketing investment, access to a huge amount of users in a short time, the early WeChat, unfamiliar street and other development without exception is through "Dongfeng" about gun development. But, once the development of the social platform mature, about gun label and will be "indecent communication" and "hormone explosion" and "destructive derailed" contrary to the moral and ethical nature of "dark" perfect fit, so, as a tool of the platform itself, will fall into the prisoner’s dilemma more successful the inflow of.

a product manager Zhang Xiaolong than the young artists more thorough insight into Tang Yan, accumulated to a certain amount of users in the WeChat hierarchy, began to force to do social acquaintances, guide WeChat faded glitz, become instant messaging in a real mobile terminal. Of course, WeChat did not cut the stranger social scenarios, but with the acquaintance of WeChat based on the ecological constraints about guns, the prevalence of unhealthy.

In contrast to

, unfamiliar street is a stranger to the beginning of the social and health, you can not say hello to each other without the need to verify, priority recommendation from micro-blog, everyone, etc.

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