nternet medical insurance as the price of the pig, the pig is also think so

internet medical start-up companies like to talk about the Internet thinking, such as wool in pigs. When it comes to their own profit model, they are always used to think that the insurance company will become the pig is willing to pay. That’s what the pig thinks,


since the issue of internet medical insurance + heat up, internet medical startups or just with the insurance company to get some products with an air of importance, such as the elderly, children, vaccine and so on. But overall, these products will find that they are still not out of the traditional insurance products, financial type features. Not to mention the market response, especially from the word of mouth Kaiser model is still to one hundred and eight thousand.

here is a chicken soup: what you do today determines your future. The language is translated into the youth, you’re moving in front of the struggling, you will still be so far.

switch back to Mandarin mode. The past more than half of the time, Internet companies, medical insurance companies are in the commercial health insurance, said in the Kaiser model, but why the two sides has been in a dubious state? Not long ago, at the Fifth International Forum on health risk management, good life CEO soup to a son in Europe he was on this the status quo of the understanding.

insurance company has several aspects of Internet Medical expectations, including risk control, experience, service costs. However, the ability of Internet health care in the wind control is not reflected, the service experience has not been able to exceed the traditional medical institutions, especially on the line of the customer cost compared to the line did not reflect too many advantages. Overall, the performance of the Internet has not been able to make the medical insurance company echocardiography.

we have to think about, why is there such a result? Perhaps this is a very important point is that we have to understand the logic of the insurance company. When the internet medical users less, less data, weak ability, it is almost impossible for the insurance company to pay for its business. So we have to think about it, in the insurance company’s system, their ideal Kaiser model is how to achieve the path. In this path, how to participate in the internet medical


insurance logic?

insurance company is very rich. For example, in the medical field of Internet, a lot of companies to go to the doctor hangchikengchi kneeling licking their platform, even the formation of a sale of medical registration resources industry chain. And Ping An Group’s safe good doctor, actually spent money to raise 1000 doctors. Willful staggering degree. But even so, the insurance company about the commercial health insurance this topic, it is always a feeble.


internet medical insurance as the pay of the pig, the pig do? On the whole, the level of medical care and the level of economic growth under the background of new medical reform to improve based on our country’s medical demand in the past few years is the rapid release stage.

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