The two precious 2 digital.Com domain name stolen and recovered by

2 digital.Com domain global 00-99 between only 100, the digital domain over 40 have enabled the station or forwarding, and 34 for the Chinese website domain name, this aura, will inevitably lead to some "black" eyes, precious domain and experienced a "black hand" to steal and transfer from home go to the United States registered the fate of GODADDY.

It originated in May 5, 2011,

, a technology company and in Jinhua found that holders of losing control of the two domain names, two domain names to be transferred abroad, in May 9th, the original holder of the domain name to the Jinhua police.

Jinhua police investigation, in April 2011, the domain name theft "Jiang Yan" (a pseudonym) using network tools to find all the registration information and identity information of the domain name, and gained control of the domain name management mailbox by domain name owners to provide identity information. In the management of mailbox mail browsing history, Jiang Yan found that the domain name owner also has another treasure of the domain name, decided to put the two domain name for himself. After that, the fake two domain names forged signatures and identity cards from the domain name of the custodian of the site to cheat the transfer of passwords, in May 5th successfully transferred the and domain name.

finally in May 25th, the Jinhua police cracked the network domain name theft, the successful recovery of the two domains, at present, the two names in the United States is still GODADDY, but the holder information has been changed to the original owner, from the short-term point of view, and transferred to the possibility of a smaller home, but the next two domain name is back China is still unknown.


: and and two domain names were registered in 1998, has been 13 years of history, in 2009 had been on Sedo for $100 thousand to be photographed, but did not pay, finally to $99 thousand sold to second buyers bid, which is now the domain name holder, after two years (2011) encounter theft, plus the same stolen, two of the purchase price of the domain name in 2009 and reached 1 million 100 thousand yuan.

from this case can be seen as a domain name, the domain name and the value of assets, theft of stolen property is protected, and the degree of attention is not yesterday, according to the network property law will be more perfect, but on the other hand, the Chinese domain name stolen overseas events and many, most of the perpetrators seemed to "an easy job to do ‘to get the user account in the domain name, although the case eventually won two rare domain name, but also to the user name sounded the alarm, warning more let people understand that not all stolen overseas or in overseas.

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