Know you are doing network promotion does not need you to do network promotion

this post is to mouchangqing brother Mou Changqing analysis of the value of blog advertising from Baidu phoenix nest click price reply.

the Zhongmu brother talked about his confusion, yes! Small Europe can understand, can not help but think of not long ago, Zac does not know a similar confusion in what place on


has been small in Europe also felt that as long as the Internet to create his own fame, there should be a lot of money to send, but have fallen into the trap of their own logic.

yes, you are famous, but where did you get that?. That is, peers, we are doing the same work every day, you may be more active, or a little authority, was recognized and affirmed by people in this circle.

but what it doesn’t mean that! You know that at most only these people with you every day to keep together, to discuss common progress.

is really helpful to those who need you, but you may not know who you are in this industry. They don’t even know what you’re doing.

Zac was also said that, although his blog on fire, but the fire is within the circle of people, also is to know that we are engaged in SEO, these people, or where he is learning to SEO, or SEO, to discuss with him. The only possible profit is SEO training, because most of the needs of SEO may even "SEO" has not heard the word, simply can not find the door. This point, at that time little Europe also did not want to understand.

Want to play a little

for example: for example, you are a teacher, would like to recruit some people who can’t read to when students, so, this time you are writing the admission notice? Or the other way? If you are writing the admission notice, to ensure you a student not to recruit! Because you can read. They must know the word, since know the word, then how will go to learn how to read


and really want to learn how to read, they don’t know what is your notice say? How can


yes! All you really need is a layman!

didn’t understand why Wang Tong is so exaggeration to promote his SEO training, Deng Shaowei in Sina micro-blog told the Europe said: Wang Tong is not going to SEO training, but the opportunity to can know the traditional industry bosses! Because he knew that the traditional industries need to SEO all know now is far greater than SEO.

said here, small ou want to ask a question: brother several mu

which day, mining people know you in the network promotion;

which day, the people who know the water you know in the network promotion;

which day, engage in mechanical manufacturing people know you in the network promotion;


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