How to do web promotion

on this issue, I think we should have learned by heart, there are a lot of time, we will make when there is no effect, think about this problem, how to do website promotion, actually a lot of people say that money can do rich promotion, no money can do without money business promotion the way, then look at the enterprise how to do web promotion.

we see, if you do not have to spend a lot of words, how the enterprise website promotion, then you need to have a certain technology, to do SEO, in fact, you need to devote themselves to the study of SEO for a period of time can, will soon master, you need to constantly keep updating website content can. Of course, this also involves the need to optimize the site, ah, the key words set up the problem.

if there is a budget investment, enterprise how to do site promotion, you can choose to use Google AdWords advertising, or is the use of Baidu promotion advertising, of course you can also let the proxy settings to your advertisement, but note that you put advertising costs to others should be careful, Google AdWords is relatively more just a little, but the price of Baidu promotion is relatively high.

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