Wang Yang classification of hospital information promotion skills

medical industry believe that we all know the competition is very exciting, coupled with this year’s national private hospital media advertising to rectify, in the past many of the publicity has been hampered. Careful friends will pay attention to a lot of medical exchanges within the recruitment information is overwhelming, it is because most of the funds and manpower into the hospital network to increase the intensity of network promotion. That is to tell the readers the medical industry will pay more and more attention to network promotion, but also to remind readers we will face more intense competition, so I prepared to write a series of articles "" hospital promotion skills exchanges to share with you, the next day to get to the point, this classification information promotion skills share.

classification information is getting more and more popular Baidu believe that we feel it, so it is one of the main ways to promote the hospital. The classification of information talent shows itself so how to let you wait for the release of good rankings? The quantity, quality or other factors? The author thinks that the release of classified information is very simple, but it is often necessary to pay attention to many details, these details will determine your ranking in Baidu, the ocean according to their own experience to promote one reader analysis.

a, site selection

select a number of high weight included fast site has been successful in the first step, where readers share some of their collection of classified information website.


author collection of classified information website

two, registered account

each classification information website at least 2 groups of accounts, each group of 10, and then use the account to publish content, so that to a large extent, avoid the webmaster delete posts, thereby improving the success rate.

three, city choice

according to Baidu included habits, select some of the more popular cities, such as: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, which helps to shorten the time included.

four, title writing

According to the

data analysis and patient search behavior habits, prior to finishing promotion related and a certain amount of search keywords into high conversion rate, the title of a word with a long tail word as the main object, key words before as far as possible. Key words: city name + key words, such as: Beijing best male hospital in where?

five, column selection

need to select the relevant sections of the medical industry, so there are two benefits, first, the content released to the relevant columns to avoid administrators delete posts. Second, the search engine is also more friendly.

six, information content

to select the title of the relevance of the content, it is best to be original, at least for the original look, the contents of the head repeat the title of the article to increase the keyword density, the contents of the rear of the hospital to stay relevant information.

seven, data analysis


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