Second, small coffee show for $200 million D round of financing will push live business together wit


DoNews November 23rd news (reporter An Hong) owns the second shot, small coffee show two short video about the explosion of APP technology today announced that it has completed D $200 million round of financing, led by Sina micro-blog, Sequoia Capital, YG entertainment and other institutional investors with investment. After the completion of the current round of financing, the company valued at more than $1 billion.

dazzle Technology (Science and Technology) was founded in August 2011 by the founder Han Kun, the company is committed to providing users with convenient multimedia entertainment audio-visual services, build mobile Internet service platform. Its products to the mobile Internet users as the target group, including the second shot, small coffee show, Vitamio, VPlayer four mobile end video products.

Han Kun said that after this round of financing, the company will continue cultivating the mobile short video, increase investment in content, enhance the second shot and small coffee show user experience.

in addition to good short video business, what technology revealed that the future will be launched in cooperation with sina micro-blog live broadcast business, and related content and user data sharing. Users will be able to watch live video in Sina micro-blog.

chairman and CEO of sina, micro-blog chairman Cao Guowei announced at the meeting, sina will jointly jointly invested $100 million to set up a special mobile video entertainment and the direction of the investment fund, the two sides will be in the brand building, advertising into the flow to support the project creators on transconductance.

Cao Guowei said Sina

, micro-blog Q3 earnings, micro-blog video play daily volume growth of 82%, while micro-blog + seconds overall video shoot playback volume growth reached 140%, this set of data shows that compared with in the rapid growth of video services, short video industry to the second shot as the representative of the more amazing growth rate.

In addition,

technology will also help the current round of investment in South Korea YG entertainment on the layout of the overseas industrial chain, expand the development opportunities in the content and channels. At present, the second shot with a small coffee show has attracted 1500 stars settled.

At present,

mobile video product type in a short video and live video, a science and technology through the small coffee show and finished second in the layout of the field of short video, the follow-up will be

relevant information, the technology was in January 2012 by Morningside venture angel investment of several million dollars; in April of the same year, won the red dot ventures and Morningside joint investment of millions of dollars A round of financing; in July 2013, Sina took $25 million B round of investment, the red dot investment, Morningside venture capital investment in May 2014; $C round of financing, led by the KPCB investment, StarVC, Sina, red point of venture capital investment.

The official data about

display technology, its products on the second shot video uploads volume has more than 1 million days of play times amounted to 510 million times; and the other a short video show the small coffee daily active users has exceeded 5 million.

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