Mobile marketing change from optimizing the customer experience

British Chester zoo using Sitecore® Experience Platform

offers visitors a situational experience

mobile technology is changing the lives of everyone and quietly changing consumer habits and patterns. Harvard Business Review, said: " 3 billion people on the Internet, the next one mainly through mobile internet. " in recent years, the development of the mobile Internet world is like a raging fire, mobile technology has reshaped people’s thinking and habits, whether it is in contact with friends, to understand the information, or the purchase of goods, often will be the first time to mobile devices. This change has a significant impact on marketing.

Sitecore global consumer survey results show that many brands can not meet consumer expectations for mobile experience. Once the experience of dissatisfaction with the mobile experience, 33% of consumers will not buy the brand’s products or services. However, there are still 40% of respondents said the brand has not yet mobile marketing strategy. With the rise of mobile technology, it is very important for enterprises to have a flexible and scalable mobile marketing strategy. Chester zoo is one of the successful companies using mobile marketing strategies to enhance customer experience.


Chester zoo is one of the UK’s most popular leisure spots, with the world’s most rare endangered fauna, attracting millions of tourists every year to visit. In early 2010, Chester zoo realized more and more tourists begin to use mobile devices, the mobile channel will bring more traffic growth.

however, in the face of surging traffic, site architecture has been unable to meet the customer’s requirements for mobile experience. How to enhance the tourist experience and improve the use of mobile ticket sales channels to the Chester zoo? Digital marketing agency Code Computerlove, based on the Sitecore platform, starting from the customer experience, accurately grasp the different situations of customer demand, to build a mobile experience infrastructure, allowing visitors to visit the zoo in each stage can obtain a full range of quality experience.

according to the different needs of tourists in three stages before and after the tour and sightseeing tour in Chester zoo, analyzes the situation and experience of tourists preferences, targeted to provide the one and only of situational experience, to ensure that visitors can feel the mobile optimized experience and enhance customer loyalty.

before the tour, optimize the mobile site

in order to promote passenger flow, booking, membership, donations and gift sales and other aspects of the upgrade, Code Computerlove using the Sitecore platform for the Chester zoo mobile site optimization. In addition, the Chester zoo will focus on the user, in the planning of the zoo, the zoo to find time to open or price information and reservations for the user to mention

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