Zhou Hongyi a good founding team can not be more than three people

today, cast and you talk about a team building and related topics. In life and work, you should have heard such words: "as long as the hand, stone moved across the river" and "everyone firewood high flame."… Put before the team, also often heard when leaders communicate with employees, many people and habits will force Association together, in order to mobilize the everyone’s enthusiasm, this logic also seems to be very popular. And then when we apply this logic to the start-up company, it is also appropriate, it is worth the big guy to ponder again. For example, a founding team should be controlled within a few people, the formation of a good team, the key depends on how to mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the team members?

this period, voted to share with you an article by Mr. Zhou Hongyi. He combined his entrepreneurial and investment experience, detailed talk about his own team management thinking. His wise remark of an experienced person worth a look, should.

1, my anxiety

over the years, I am not worried about the value of the market and the "old", but there are anxiety about the product, the organization and management of anxiety. You can describe your feelings in the past year with a "painful transformation.".

called the market value, is just a stage of a company, I almost never see the stock price. I can do a good job of security, the company has the value of society, we can not do without it, is not very good? Why should a standard to require all companies?

I now look at the external environment is very clear, we should go according to their own rhythm, can not be disrupted by the rhythm of opponents. How to look at the media and the industry, are blind for you to worry about others, they should understand.

over the past year or two, I was thinking, maybe I was too greedy. In fact, on the one hand, I’m not as greedy as the outside world, but on the other hand, I’m trying to do too many things than a startup. This leads to a lot of things, the principle of insufficient pressure. I can’t resist the urge to make new products.

I realized that the size of the company, a lot of anxiety to me, in the final analysis is the problem of people. In fact, I did not think too much about human nature, their emotional intelligence is not high.

in the past, I believe that Jobs’s argument, a talent is not afraid of challenges, you can not even consider each other’s self-esteem. But the reality tells me that a lot of people you scold him will only give him a ruthless limp scold. There are people you challenge too much, he hated you. Really!

I do not understand why people do not imagine so simple. I used to think much about things, and I think very little about human nature, so I treat people in my own way. I have a lot of challenges to myself, but I’m not afraid to admit my mistakes.

in fact, many people do not like this, they can not accept such an attitude. The size of the team makes it more

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