Warcry Li Xueling seven or eight years of accumulated contacts to invest $Laiqianwan fishing

, you see, here is the place where the office of NetEase, moved to the time when there is no decoration, is to change the LOGO." In March 10th, President Li Xueling play tennis in front of that station. In front of him, his face still has a round, but before reporters to see photos of thin many, his vice president partner warcry Cao Jin is a head taller than him. "My office is Ding Lei. Nothing. I just want to get some of Ding Lei’s blessing." The former director of NetEase content, narrowed his eyes and smiled.

Guangzhou city Tianhe District Road No. 44, building 4, was a NetEase in Guangzhou offices of the NetEase, after the move, play network drive under this blessed". Li Xueling said, they have to do, is to play online games in the network as a media, their income is mainly from the online games business advertising.

financial weekly reporter noted that this company is the 150 gem candidate enterprises due to the "entrepreneurs" magazine recently will be included in the "most promising warcry" list. Warcry is vertical portal game industry only selected enterprises, the magazine is the "domestic professional online vertical portal three".

made online games in the media

Li Xueling slightly self deprecating said, "he is very old." In his view, thirty years old, is the old man. But on the day of the interview, he was not willing to talk about the various entrepreneurial.

from the beginning of 2005, Li Xueling founded the warcry, now less than four years, and for him to play tennis, everything is just beginning.

"we want to do, is to play online games in the network as a media," Li Xueling said, "or you can understand it, we have to do is online community, revenue mainly from advertising, advertising is the main online business, Coca-Cola, NIKE also began to vote last year."

"you see domestic now to at least a dozen online listed companies, which is bound to have a demand, this demand is more net should be born." At present, more net information provided by the main network games, single games, TV-game game information. The new play game channel is updated every day more than 200, more than 15 pieces of original and translation of the article, to provide domestic, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the latest global network game related news and information.

channel visitors mainly to play games, find games, check information based. A new game of professional production team introduced the special game channel, topics included the latest information, video game, screenshots, artwork, wallpaper, basic information, game features and game evaluation and comprehensive game information.

last year, the entire market has 18 billion 600 million operating income." About income more net current composition, more network vice president Cao Jin said. According to the calculation of net swims the company into 10%-20%’s marketing costs, more net and other online media companies share 1 billion 800 million yuan -27 soup".


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