Foreign tide T site ShirtPunch launched seven months to earn a new play of $30 million



recently saw a very interesting website called "ShirtPunch" (website here), selling T, this has been a lot of selling T shopping site, but ShirtPunch more specifically, it is to sell the Groupon daily websites.

what do you mean?

The original

ShirtPunch is played, the station every day something that you have never seen the new T, the T will stop selling "tide" in 24 hours, then became "out of print" the clothes, put on another one. If you buy the tide T, your hand is more a "guarantee" of clothes, you have one more reason to buy ShirtPunch impulse; not just good-looking, it is a print dress! And ShirtPunch each tide T $10 ($300). Can be said to be "the price" neither painful nor itching in the United States, is cheaper than supermarkets.

the price point and the "Daily Limited" play apparently fast work, according to the report, ShirtPunch in October 25th last year just to open the station has a short period of seven months, revenue has exceeded US $1 million (NT $30 million)


and its office is still in the basement of their own entrepreneurs, has not moved out, revenue has reached $1 million. The founder of ShirtPunch, last year the yuan is still at work, think of this idea suddenly, his parents to borrow 10 thousand dollars (NT $300 thousand) began to engage in their own; this guy love pop music, love cool street style, design your own tide T, looking for someone to design tide T, every day in the launch of ShirtPunch, did not expect, ShirtPunch red so fast, so he could not resist the red


don’t see other numbers, we have to help him calculate the revenue, two months before the results may poor, we only count for 5 months now, $1 million for five months, a month is equal to the average revenue of $200 thousand, a month to sell 20 thousand pieces of clothing, is equal to the average selling more than and 600 pieces every day, is really quite amazing, just seven months of the unknown "24 hours" tide T, was able to attract so much every day to buy —

entrepreneurs also revealed a little bit of the real numbers, he said, a painting began a week to sell 250 pieces is good, only unexpectedly, only the first day, he sold 271 pieces! Break a week quota a day! And then the first week sold 1000, now every month fixed sold 15 thousand. One of the best selling tide T, one day to sell 3000, did not play any advertising, did not do any publicity. Interestingly, the tide T is not necessarily designed by the entrepreneur, the designer can draw $1 per piece of clothing, the designer is to earn a profit of $3000 (1>)

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