Grassroots entrepreneurship.

I am a no identity, no background, degree is not very high, no status, no money pauper, logically speaking, the probability of successful people like me is too small, but I spent just 2 months and 20 days, from the evolution of a migrant workers into 4 sites webmaster, and a monthly income of over a million. Of course I’m not a success, at least I have a good start.

my entrepreneurial path can be said to be a tragic history, since today destined to meet you, then I will complete introduce how I was from one of the four infinite light egg + idiot webmaster became a successful webmaster and marketing master, I used to tell you about my record style is from 15 days to 1 weight and because of improper operation of Baidu K two, again in a month will do website keywords ranking No. 4+ weight 1, the specific operation process is very hard, listen to me explain.

will introduce my identity, I am a teacher to teach memory, undergraduate mechanical background, done a lot of unsatisfactory work: Hardware Factory, notebook computer field, die field, open private stores, advertising, memory teaching, if the failure can be divided into perspective, the first half of the youth I no matter any angle is a failure, I have long lived a hungry, hungry state, although I am a lean chicken, but I also have become a eagle soaring in the blue sky of the heart, the hero is respectable, but the clown more understand life is sad, I am a the clown, work hard, keep on fighting and never give up, but God gave me a lot of black humor, I like a deflated ball, I can’t find the way forward, close your eyes can see my future — A The dark, my life is doomed to failure, suffered human suffering? I am not willing to, every time I see Stephen Chow’s movie "king of comedy" in Yin Tianchou, I want to cry, because that person is like my own, very hard but not all, I do not do the Yin Tianchou, I swear to be a person bear the burden of the family, parents,


fate always pays attention to the efforts of the people, I have the opportunity to. In 2015 October, I met your biggest life: Peng eldest brother, he is a IT expert, for 12 years, we became friends, of course, we are not rich, I told him that I teach memory strength than any training institutions, I was on top of a memory the teacher, but I don’t have a platform, I don’t play my ability. I used 5 years to write a 800 page book, my character is paranoid, the user is God, I want to let them feel the best course, so many of my friends and relatives when I try to write textbooks insult, mocking me, it makes me feel very sad, I am a nature person I to everyone not thin, but I hope people trample my at the same time can have a pity, admittedly not, but I will not be discouraged because they mocked me, there is a medical term called paranoia! I have more resistance, my power is bigger. I put my first half copious and fluent, written nearly 60 words written.

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