Preparing for the double eleven micro-blog users robbed Tmall red envelopes for three days 500 thous

preparing for the double eleven micro-blog users robbed Tmall red envelopes for three days

500 thousand

sina science and technology news October 24th afternoon news, along with the double eleven approximation, the annual national buying spree is full of strikes. Now, users can open to grab the red Tmall in micro-blog, only 3 days to more than 500 thousand Tmall red envelopes were robbed of light. At the same time, the double eleven become one of micro-blog’s most concerned about the topic, only # double 11# my topic has more than 1 million 340 thousand, the amount of reading is more than 720 million.

in accordance with Tmall’s strategy, this year’s double eleven will force globalization, wireless and platform, and the introduction of interactive games, red envelopes and technology PK. As a partner, this year eleven period, in addition to Tmall micro-blog is standing outside the only red release platform, in order to give users more benefits and stimulation, the Tmall issued on micro-blog red does not limit the use threshold, in November 11th when the day Cat general audience.

micro-blog users through the computer and mobile client can participate in activities. During the event, micro-blog users in the information flow and the event page click on the double 11 partner red head at the side of the grab red button, you have the opportunity to get amount of 1 yuan, 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 50 yuan or 1111 yuan a red envelope. After winning prize envelopes will be sent within 24 hours to the winning friends Taobao account bound Alipay account, users can view the page receive red envelopes during the event right click "my red", but also to the Alipay client account balances in red in the query.

in order to allow more users to grab concessions, micro-blog and Tmall had launched 11 # double red partner collect the # activities, who has carried on the micro-blog orange V certification users can sign up to become a partner of micro-blog and distribute envelopes, ordinary netizens can recommend their idols into envelopes distributed ambassador. During the October 15th -20 collection, a total of 18000 orange V certification application, and recommend the idol of users are close to 44000 people, 11 # double red partner solicitation topic amount of reading to # more than 100 million topics reached 68 thousand.

, micro-blog and Tmall selected 1111 red envelopes from the partner, in addition to Eason Chan, angelababy, Beckham, Yang Mi, Jam Hsiao and other foreign sports entertainment star, also included a number of influential industry accounts. In the latest distribution of red heroes list, Yang Mi, William Chan and Jam Hsiao issued a total of more than 20 thousand red envelopes, the top three.

in addition to grab a red envelope, # Tmall mysterious package in micro-blog # also declared on the line. During the event, click on the "micro-blog wish" button or release # Tmall mysterious package # topic micro-blog have a chance to win the mysterious customized gifts. With the advance of events, there will be more users to grab affordable and surprise.

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