domain name $1 million 400 thousand domain name docking service company

webmaster network news Beijing time on May 1st, according to technology blog TechCrunch reported that in a domain name auction on Wednesday, domain name to $1 million 400 thousand transaction. Domain name docking service company Skenzo CEO Divyank Turakhia to become the ultimate winner.

the auction was organized by the Silicon Valley domain name registration company Moniker, the total turnover of more than $2 million domain name. Where the highest price of, ranked two or three in the domain name is (bottled water.Com) and (athlete.Com), the transaction price was $45 thousand and $40 thousand.

taking into account the current economic environment, spending $1 million 400 thousand for a domain name is too wasteful. But is a two letter domain name, very easy to remember and have a certain meaning, so it is of great value in the domain name market.

in January this year, Travelzoo to $1 million 800 thousand acquisition of domain name. In November last year, domain name was $1 million. In December last year, AT& T’s site for the domain name to pay $3 million 850 thousand.

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