2016 from the media and network marketing people to survive

over the past few years, since the media has been a hot term, during the birth of a large number of media stars. For example, we are familiar with the video from the media logical thinking, such as text from the media (now a ghost foot seven) from the media platform Himalaya, and the rise of audio. In addition to these dazzling star from the media, there are a large number of unknown people from the media in silence. A lot of difficult to find the profit model out of this circle, there are a large number of admiring novice looking forward to enter. From the general trend, the media industry has now entered the era of media, traditional media traffic and authority is facing a severe test, the influence of the new media gradually expanded. However, look at this piece of prosperous brocade below, more is a lot of people from the media difficult living environment. 2016, how to develop from the media, since the media will be what the trend of evolution


original from the advent of the media spring

in the past 2015 can at least make a lot of the original author from the media feel pleased, more and more attention to the original, the original generation environment from the media gradually become better. WeChat launched the original certification marks, those who rely on plagiarism and finishing the famous large crisis facing decline; the headlines today launched the "thousand million plan", the author only opened the original function can apply; Baidu launched the "original spark project 2, the other from the media platform is to strengthen the protection measures of the original. (and fast, although the recent trial is mainly involved in yellow, but in the end or the original cake). Although in the webmaster circle, everyone still used without any explanation of copying others article, but a few more well-known webmaster in this area do more to. Take Baidu spark plan, it is expected that the original article ranking will be higher, this is many webmaster original dream. Of course, the actual situation is how, we can only wait and see.

audio and video from the media influence is growing

now young people are less willing to hold a long article slowly, quicken the pace of the society, we are more impetuous, and because the Internet information is too much, some more or less visual fatigue. A lot of people are more and more used to listening to the audio and watching the video instead of text. So this lazy listen to the book app a lot of people in Himalaya, since the media platform development of audio is also very good. Publicly available data show that the end of 2012, the site on the line, in 2013 on the IOS version of the line on the line in Himalaya, Android in August 2013. We now have more than 200 million active users, sixty thousand certified anchor, eighteen million content. 2013 received $11 million 500 thousand A round of financing, in 2014 received $fifty million B round of financing. Recently completed the demolition of VIE." As for the video from the media, in addition to the more well-known "logical thinking", in fact, want to Sohu, today’s headlines, such as from the media platform has opened a video column, let alone Youku, the United States, "

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