Website promotion is not important to do the method can be long

may be a few days ago by the independent blog circle on the "independent blog visits drawbacks" to discuss the influence of a few days ago, China’s most prestigious "Moonlight blog" closed guestbook site visits to those who wish to jump, this through the "independent blog visits" to promote their own blog friends (including me) is a very bad news.


but at the same time, the eager to promote their own blog friends, this is a good reminder: no matter what method of promotion website (blog), is not important, but hard to do, we can persist for a long time, also can finally see the results.

previously thought that his blog comments to promote the promotion of the forum or more sincere, and will not promote the promotion of irrigation and irrigation. But the discussion on "independent blog visits malpractice", my own reflection, in fact bloggers that "even the criticism of others have not read it, comment on" special "for the popularization and promotion" and "respecting blogger labor" comment spam, inadvertently themselves more or less done.

but I have always believed that this is not a promotion method is wrong, but our user is wrong, because there is no a promotion method is perfect, but if the user can be hard to do, to minimize the negative impact.

or take the "independent blog visits". This method, taking into account the blog is far better than the forum, QQ group interactive, the vast majority of blog Renqibuwang congenitally deficient and most bloggers, blog has insisted on the creation, certainly not to indulge in self-admiration, bloggers also hope to share their views and understanding, so vast most authors have set up independent blog template message. Jump function, hope bloggers through unremittingly sincere comments, to guide more people to visit your blog – this is understandable thing, because the blog’s aim is to "gentleman place".

But this seemingly simple

method is not easy, must be based on high quality view (either blog or blog posts), and share, "Freemasonry" basis, and must unremittingly in order to truly achieve the long-term effect, the occasional one or two message exchange, even if you really share, maybe someone else clicked on, but it can not easily let people remember your site (blog), real website (blog) to achieve the purpose of promoting the high flow.

and "promotion and promotion for the promotion, not" to hold the heart to learn modestly from others, really put to – this is the blog promotion (visits should also include quiz website promotion, Forum promotion, micro-blog promotion) to obtain real effective basis, which is from the "independent blog" the discussion on malpractice visits the conclusion.

or that sentence, "not fine"

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