The nternet real estate company in Hangzhou to do a TED

, a shell network founder Ji thirteen, the first Chinese winner Zheng Yongchun Carle · Sagan, Taiwan "the dream of the transformation of

home "history, the former Zhejiang TV Oprah," no man "charity project sponsors Vianney……

in the past this afternoon, TOPSTALK knowledge sharing conference held in Hangzhou, the top 11 in the field of

coffee and 2000 knowledge control in Zhejiang Province, together with the Great Hall of the people to complete a 5 hour brain combustion.


Ni t by the organizers invited you to visit the site, listen to a knowledge of


Ji thirteen

, a shell network founder & CEO



first speech is "rumor mill" Ji thirteen, he founded China’s most famous popular science website nutshell

network is well known. In 2016, he led the team to successfully hatch a paid voice quiz project, a response, attracted

Wang Sicong, Zhang Ziyi, and other celebrities, such as the use of the famous reputation of the big bang, such as the use of, and so on.


on the TOPSTALK, Ji thirteen share theme is how to manage rumors under the mobile internet". Ji Shisan says

: "the scientific rumor is characterized by a seemingly useful and interesting, mostly negative information", such as "do not eat! Blame

to get cancer more and more, the I feel I am not myself. "," snore harm is terrible! Trick to help you solve

"No problem

snores, and lists and ingenious solutions in 2016 the most deceptive rumors:" eat pickled fish infected with

SB250 virus, long-term sexual life can not be considered a disability, "rumors about watermelon" and so on




he finally gave the rumor discrimination method – "rational face", "not free to spread", "dialectical thinking"

, pay attention to official news".

dragon Zijia

international cutting-edge jewelry designer


dragon is the second appearance of the speaker. The traditional family of 95 was born after the boy genius, for China ancient

classic beauty and Western pop elements blend perfectly to jewelry, and became the first person to reach the Nasdaq of Chinese jewelry

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