Qijia network transformation group purchase to O2O evolution O2O looks very beautiful

in a "net winter" argument, Deng Huajin decided to break the pessimistic atmosphere.

as the Qijia network (hereinafter referred to as: "family") the chairman, he witnessed their electricity supplier 6.18 price war, witnessed the prosperity of nearly two years of e-commerce and group purchase market’s rise, also heard all kinds of questions about the business rules of survival of discordant voices.

"it’s time to make adjustments." He said to himself.

was founded in March 2005 and is aimed at regulating the family network, a segment of the field of Electronic Commerce: Home Furnishing building materials. Building materials suppliers and consumers a lot of matching supply and demand in the family online transaction form. Experienced a rapid growth in recent years, Qijia gradually in the field of decoration Xianshanloushui, 2011, the company’s turnover of more than 11 billion 500 million, the number of registered users reached 4 million.

, however, in Deng Huajin’s view, the data can not reflect all the problems – he soon realized that the information intermediary model is too simple, it is prone to performance bottlenecks. The industry homogenization of competition and endless price war, but also let him feel simple extensive electricity supplier model is entering a dead end.

then brewing in exactly a year after "Qijia mall" officially launched in May this year.

Deng Huajin expectations of Qijia mall, each link is able to get through the renovation process, make the business to cover Jiezhuang industry in the whole industry chain.

specifically, regulating the family network background system will decoration companies, designers, building materials suppliers, installation companies and gathered in a certain order, the front desk is to provide consumers with a set of solutions covering the design budget, construction management, online purchase, online and offline interaction service, form a closed loop O2O.

if this model goes through, the entire home improvement industry will change." Deng Huajin said, once the supplier began to accept the city collaboration, off-site installation mode, the industry will further intensify." However, Deng Huajin’s dream can come true, but also through the multi threshold management. For example, in how to make 3 of thousands of suppliers in the orderly operation of the platform? Building materials suppliers can adapt O2O mode process change? Whether or not they are willing to take a more open attitude into the new


waiting for Deng Huajin, is the management of change to "Qijia mall".

buy started

was founded in Qijia net, Deng Huajin Home Furnishing steeped in the decoration industry for ten years. Initially, he sold the building materials, opened a furniture factory, but also has been responsible for the area of PHILPS lamps. The experience of this period made him feel that the building materials industry, the unit price and higher gross profit, but the water is too muddy, if you can use e-commerce way to make the industry price transparency, perhaps a good opportunity.

so in 2005, Deng Huajin incorporated the Qijia network. However, the real significance of the prototype from the family of "electronic commerce" is still far away. At the beginning of

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