From Tencent take Groupon into the Chinese homonym Natori Gaopeng domain

renamed Chinese February 10, 2011 news: according to the domain name forum users said that the Tencent Inc has been low-key acquisition Gaopeng Larry domain, the specific amount of the acquisition is not disclosed, domain name application is not clear, industry insiders speculated that the acquisition of Tencent Larry domain or preparing for Groupon in china.


It is understood that the domain name

, registered in July 2001, has been 10 years of history has been registered, the current holder changes into Tencent Inc holding other relevant mainstream suffixes.Cn/ are not held for the Tencent.

after the Tencent insiders have revealed that the U.S. giant Groupon to enter the market Chinese group purchase and Tencent cooperation has been the dust settles, printing pass group purchase website will be launched in the near future and determine the independent Groupon enabled similar domain name, the Tencent was reported a low-key acquisition of Larry domain move is suspicion.

Gaopeng Groupon is Larry homophonic, compared to the previous rumors of group purchase site will enable Groupon similar domain name will be much better, not only in line with the Chinese Larry domain users access habits of domestic enterprises is terminal choice of domain name strategy, Groupon introduced into China to enable Shuangpin high possibility of group purchase website.

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