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in Admin5 diving for such a long time, the first time to write something, as a 70 old webmaster, seems a bit outdated, but 30 years of age, for the life of some deep understanding, a lot of thought and behavior not emotional, rational understanding of increasingly occupy a dominant position. These may be 80, 90 owners lack (here is only superficial, not Overgeneralization, or to be threw an egg, ha ha), of course, do not rule out that some people live a lifetime, seems to have no clear understanding of life on their own. Not wordy, okay.

hao123’s success led to the web site development, the emergence of a large number of Web site, and play with China webmaster of continuous efforts and wisdom (Chinese webmaster wisdom is absolutely impressive), web site a variety of patterns, forms, and to gradually refine the direction (also with the other), such as mechanical, electronic, chemical, textile, IT, finance etc.. In particular, the professional site of the site, is really helpful for some of the industry’s lack of knowledge of the network, but also to the development of the industry’s information technology has fueled the role of. With the launch of the industry class web site, web site has gradually developed to the extreme.

however, current web site profit model is relatively simple, like the famous hao123265 web site, and no new profit model, and then to the webmaster them after the station launched almost the same function of the web site, indeed, some of the lack of new ideas, profit can only rely on the alliance and trading links so, there is no good innovation, imitation, now in the ocean of information is very difficult to get breakthrough development.

for the industry’s Web site, I feel that the author can seem to have the following model, where the textile machinery industry website navigation station, for example:

1, add navigation links

imagine, if it is a professional textile machinery industry site, a well-known enterprises are not in the list, I’m afraid there will be no satisfactory corporate CEOs, join the home link, an annual fee of 300-500 fee for enterprises is drizzle, and for the collection of tens of thousands of textile machinery from the upstream supplier to the downstream vendors of Web site owners (including second-hand machine sales, maintenance of the whole industry chain, the absolute income objective).

2, ad

this does not need to say more, the industry’s Web site navigation station on the value of advertising for the manufacturers of the significance can not be ignored, for the webmaster, this income can not be ignored;

3, sales commission

based on the industry’s Web site sales, in order to promote the sale of a certain kind of product or service, this interest than the general web site click advertising to come much more fierce. Of course, to achieve the need to contact the manufacturers, talk about the benefits of sharing, and so on, here only talk about ideas, the specific implementation is feasible, but

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