Yue Hao small and medium enterprises to open the door to the golden key network marketing

small and medium-sized enterprises in order to carry out successful network marketing, must have the correct ideas and methods. For network marketing, the effect is king. How to make use of the least time, manpower and investment, to achieve the greatest marketing effect is often the most concern of the enterprise. To achieve this goal, Yue Hao think must do two things. First, the enterprise should have a good website; second, the company’s network marketing model to meet the principle of precision marketing.

an excellent enterprise website is the basis of network marketing

for the traditional small and medium enterprises, in order to carry out the successful network marketing, we must first have a good corporate website. A lot of enterprise network marketing effect is not ideal, the problem is out of this link. Because the vast majority of companies only have a website, but the site is not good. Such sites can not lead to the potential customer’s desire to buy, but also can not make consumers trust the site. If a consumer doubts about the company’s Web site, the company’s product quality, the company’s strength will be suspected. Such sites are difficult to obtain good conversion rate.

enterprise website is the basis of network marketing, most of the network marketing will eventually lead the customer to our enterprise website, through the enterprise website to achieve the purpose of brand promotion and product promotion. Therefore, a good web site is our first step towards successful network marketing, but also the most critical step. I also see such a situation, many websites are willing to spend a lot of money to do PPC, but the site itself has done relatively rough. Even if this site is a large number of display to the target customers, it is difficult to achieve good marketing results.

therefore, the enterprise website must have a good user experience, the most important enterprise information and product information can be communicated to the customer, but also enable customers to generate interest in the content of the site, the establishment of trust. About the user experience of the site, we can refer to the author’s article " Yue Hao: website to achieve a good user experience of the three main aspects of ". If the enterprise has the condition, the author suggested that the enterprise is best able to look for a professional website design company, makes a real outstanding enterprise website. Such enterprises in the process of network marketing, often can play a multiplier effect.

two, precision marketing is the golden key to open the door to network marketing

some companies spend a lot of time and money, and even set up a special network marketing department for marketing, but the effect is not good. The reason is that they did not find the right way of marketing, the information is not passed on to the real needs of customers.

enterprises in the process of network marketing, must change the marketing idea, from " as far as possible so that more people know this idea into " " our products and services to the needs of the population ". Yue Hao believes that precision marketing is the most important

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