Clothing to join the site need to pay attention to what

is known to many many people is very great for the apparel product demand, the clothing market is a huge market with great potential development, but to open a good clothing store, then you should pay attention to the following two points in a clothing store location problem began on.

1, to analyze what shops suitable for business

The distribution function of each

format of commercial property is different, some can only do catering, some can only open a boutique, and all sectors of the brand customers in the site selection, will have the highest rent standards, including catering rent is low, and the brand clothing boutiques and stores is relatively high. So in the clothing to join before buying shops, to analyze what it can do not what to do, and then analyzes the chosen tenants in rent, in what range, and then understand the surrounding shops, the most viable rental valuation, then calculate the clothing stores in return.

2, look at the store is a permanent or popular Wang


when it comes to our clothing stores the choice of shops, we should pay attention to the position of our choice of clothing stores located, its popularity is always there, or only in a certain period of time only.


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