Early stores need to operate

early childhood brands, a variety of brands in China Merchants join. So, if you want to open a franchise development, how to operate better? The entrepreneur as long as the correct grasp of the contents of this aspect, so entrepreneurs in the operation of this intention will be more agreeable time. Below, Xiaobian on the issue of the following analysis.

stores to prevent excessive damage to the youth education: a method of education is the largest over education. Early stores need to how to operate? Excessive maintenance will rob children practice acting on their behalf, normal measures of power and opportunity, so that the development of intelligent restraint; active curiosity is the young talent, too dry meeting makes the child timid, cowardly, will resist the growth of their thoughts, maintenance and training and burned out children lack independence and self-reliance. Excessive hope will form the pressure to the child, the child showed neurasthenia, horror, truancy, truancy etc..

stores should be carried out according to the practice during the period of brain development in children of each characteristic, compliance with the rules of brain development, key opportunities to catch brain development, supply conditions to carry out the children’s intellectual potential, attention should be paid to the effect, induced by young intelligence development, but also pay attention to cultivating moral action and carry out the outstanding characteristics of youth.

stores early maturity: follow the prescribed order of the nervous system have a certain order, there are certain rules of the mental development of children, should comply with the order of the growth rules and common sense of the education of juvenile, early stores need to how to operate? From easy to difficult, from shallow to deep, not more than their actual level and ability, not anxious, or to carry out anti will hinder young intelligence.

early childhood education to join the shop in the game, the story: the game and story is the most vivid and detailed way of education for children intelligence development, a variety of games and activities is beneficial to the development of intelligence, arrangements for children games should focus on four aspects, namely the game activity, creativity, common sense and characters of. Early stores need to how to operate? That is, after the game activities to promote children’s initiatives, the development of technology, the development of language, to carry forward their creativity, and promote the development of thinking ability and imagination.

The above is about the early

stores how to operate, believe that many entrepreneurs about the stores in the early operation, to grasp the rules must be done well! As long as the good is discussed, so as to get a better return

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