College students are pit truth

college students are often "pit" why? At one point, is the lack of experience, therefore, to college students need more exercise, do not be difficult to frighten, the youth who not stumble?

Why is


2013 December 16th, Li Bing and his entrepreneurial team decided to order 220 phones with Zhao, the other party to ensure the delivery of mobile phones within the next 5 days, but agreed to the time passed, but these goods have not been delivered. Later, Zhao again as long as the new single, can let the manufacturers resume normal supply on the grounds, repeatedly urged Li Bing entrepreneurial team to continue to throw money orders, before and after Li Bing invested a total of 396 thousand yuan to order 720 sets of mobile phone, but got only 50 taiwan.

2014, Li Bing reported to the police. However, due to the signing of the transaction contract is not perfect, and even some students in the transaction did not sign a written contract at the time of delivery, the evidence is not enough to keep the delivery of a detailed and complete, making it more difficult to investigate evidence.

entrepreneurship what are the "pit"

"pit" in their entrepreneurial experience, student entrepreneurs have said, was just starting out on the actual situation of the human resources market is not enough to know, in the "flicker" under his rush into unfamiliar territory. Superficial understanding of the market, how to win the market and how to win the project to gain a lack of mature thinking, becoming the first college students in the eyes of the pit".

because the market is shallow understanding student entrepreneurs generally as the market rules of the lack of a clear understanding of the business law, may encounter in business contract fraud, supplier etc. run away is not very understand. The survey found that nearly 50% of respondents (49.74%) entrepreneurs of contract fraud and the form is not clear, there are nearly 30% of respondents said they would recommend a good friend or one-time and "

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