What is the name of the Farmhouse Hotel

in the current rapid development of the economy, but more and more sought after farmhouse enjoyment, and in order to attract customers, Farmhouse Hotel naturally need a more innovative name. However, in the name of the Farmhouse Hotel, in fact, have the same principle, only to comply with these principles, will make the store really has a good name. So, what are the principles of the Farmhouse Hotel?

1, no matter what name (farmhouse restaurant should comply with the "enterprise name registration regulations") should be said to Chinese characters. Should be readable and easy to remember, read up pronunciation catchy is appropriate, so that customers will be able to hear its name clear ambiguity does not occur prevail. The name of the hotel when the word is not too much, otherwise the customer will have difficulty in reading and memory, the effect is not good.

2, farmhouse hotel named word stroke is not easy to use too much, or obscure pronunciation. This will add unnecessary trouble to the general customers, the words should be concise and the use of formal simplified word.

3, farmhouse restaurant named avoid too tacky. Some names not only sound people uncomfortable, but also the lack of culture, and even some names will allow the customer to misunderstand. Such as: "solid dumpling shop", "Wei Hushan bandits chicken shop", have a good effect for those who cannot name, should not be put into operation.

4, to the Farmhouse Hotel name must be the name, not to have been small general grade restaurants, named XX Hotel, XX building. Always want to be confused with the famous restaurant, the name, the grafting and the tone with words of different techniques such as "Tan Jiacai" and "Tan family", to prevent the occurrence of suspected infringement.

5, give the name of the name of the hotel should pay attention to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations. Impact of political awareness from a bad name to make misleading customers, such as "Oriental Hotel", "the Hot pot city", "big Japanese restaurant" the name of society caused by adverse effects, should be banned.

now many shops in order to attract more customers, innovate in the name above, to name innovation too, allowing the public to accept, but can not let the hotel development are booming. So, if you want to successfully run a farmhouse Hotel, shop name also need to pay attention to oh.

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