Taiwan tour boycott master of black oil event is broke

in the modern society, frequent food safety issues today, more and more people began to concern with food safety in the whole society, recently, the master was revealed using rancid water and oil as raw material.

"Taiwan guide called mainland tourists boycott Kangshifu" video recently in social media heat transfer, resist the sound as one falls, another rises. In the video the Taiwan female tour guide "pledged" repeatedly said, because the master was confirmed using rancid water and oil, from all walks of life in Taiwan has set off a "drowned movement". Take the Taiwan female tour guide words also said, "the number of rancid water and oil master used in mainland China is 56 times that of Taiwan. Is there any news on the news? No, but Taiwan knows." After the female tour guide "teaser", some celebrities, micro-blog V have forwarded the video support, said, "people should know".

It is reported that

in addition to his master statement, state quality inspection administration also conducted a rumor. The State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and quarantine and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council respectively in October 22, 2014 and October 29, 2014 formally issued to clarify the news, confirmed the master in the mainland Chinese production of oil used by the safe."

10 22, the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine announced that upon inquiry import inspection and quarantine records, since 2013, the mainland does not import food and feed production company in Vietnam happiness with grease. For the Taiwan edible oil scandal, since the beginning of September, quality inspection departments for the outbreak, Taiwan announced to lard enterprise products take measures to suspend imports of Taiwan; we have announced the import of products also require the importer to implement preventive recall.

in December last year, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the regular press conference, spokesman for Fan Liqing had made this answer whether the rancid water and oil into the mainland: the so-called Vietnam oil poured into the feed, does not accord with the facts.

, the media do not report on Taiwan’s rancid water and oil event? Also false!

In fact, now some

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