Join the yellow wine brand strength

yellow craft take food? With the characteristics of delicacy, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very market choice. High quality projects, to join the Yellow technology to take food items, if you are also very exciting, then pay the action is very important!

for Sichuan dish to join the brand, there are many brands, how to choose a suitable for their own dishes to join the brand, is also extremely important. Huang took the food to join the brand to let you win at the starting line, why do I say so, because the Yellow technology to take the food to join the brand’s purpose is to help franchisees make money. Only million can have their own yellow craft to take food stores, and I open a yellow craft to take food stores to make your business save time:

1, brand influence: headquarters for the brand management and shape, standardize the brand image, a professional team to promote, now has more than and 600 stores.

2, store business district evaluation: opposite each store, we have professional staff to assess the field, to maximize the quality of the selected location.

3, store design and planning: we have a professional design team, the franchisee to provide decoration design, the design will be based on the size of space, comfort, texture, etc., to close the distance with the customer.

4, technical guidance: will provide a comprehensive training for franchisees, store management, takeaway management and other basic training. There is a professional team to provide guidance for the opening of business activities.

5, standardized distribution: the central factory unified production and distribution, to ensure the quality of raw materials for each franchisee.

6, regional protection support: in a certain area will never open second yellow craft take food shop. Make dealer business more secure.

7, after sales support: to provide a variety of help and support, the business can contact the headquarters of the customer service center, a person to help solve all problems.

entrepreneurial choice to join the Yellow technology to take food items, so that we are no longer alone on the road to success. Open their own yellow technology to take the food store, is a very good choice! To join the Yellow technology to take food items, worthy of our attention, it is worth joining us!

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