Shop distribution can really make money

suddenly like a gust of wind in general, shop distribution to join such business quickly hot up, claiming to be able to help partners to earn more lucrative returns. So, shop distribution can really make money?

online shop to join the so-called can help investors earn a high profit in 1 months, even if there is no investment experience in the headquarters of the training guidance for a month, you can achieve the miracle of making thousands of dollars a day.

flicker: let you become the next Ma

small investment: investors need to invest 15800 yuan will be able to become a well-known network of integrated shopping mall franchisee. Headquarters to provide hundreds of thousands of goods,

high success rate: no business experience without fear, the headquarters will ask a professional teacher hand pointing operation, can ensure that 1 months will be able to achieve revenue growth of 10 times. According to reports, at present all franchisees have achieved very significant results.

operation is simple: join a do not have to purchase, two do not need to send, every day only need to contact the customer, can complete the order, the headquarters of the direct delivery, the money will automatically go to the franchisee account.


no goodwill, difficult to make money! Hard! Hard! Goodwill is very important: according to the relevant person in charge of Taobao, the success of the shop is closely linked with the two points, one is the purchase channels; two is goodwill, that is what the level of the shop. The project is that investors can free products, but the goodwill is not required, if the investor goodwill is lower than four diamond distribution, basically not to earn money, because nobody could go to the shop. This is why many small network operators to less than a year the main reason closed.

high success rate is not reliable: shop operators already have not the number of money sitting at home in a lot of shop operators is 24 hours to sit in front does not necessarily have to chew, a very good performance by headquarters professional teachers, can achieve 10 times the income growth is not realistic. Good performance in addition to a number of technical factors, as well as franchisee business qualifications, such as conversation skills, understanding customer psychology, etc.. Moreover, if the teacher really has the headquarters "tactics", their operations can be, why to teach the franchisee?

24 hours insist, isn’t easy: in fact, in the process of operation of shop purchase, delivery, logistics links are not what difficult, really difficult is to deal with customers, the shop’s goodwill, franchisee’s communication skills are very important, and now the shop is almost 24 hours of operation, competition the opponent is employed in three shifts, while the franchisee can only carry one person, this work is not a simple. This is also a lot of part-time shop operators closed >

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