The sky Valley congee investment process introduction

nutrition porridge good praise everyone, and now food safety and health issues is still one of the most talked about topics of daily life, open a healthy nutrition porridge shop must be able to be popular. Shijiazhuang Valley Sky Catering Management Co. Ltd is Chinese now cook rice pudding catering chain corporation. Now has 7 stores, more than 10 stores, a processing and distribution base. Is a collection of direct, research and development, production, distribution and management of professional food and beverage management company. Adhering to the long history of China’s food culture, but not by the traditional constraints, given the traditional food and modern food fast and simple. With the management of science and cutting-edge cultural ideas, meet the needs of customers to the multiple and enjoy the delicious. Then the sky Valley porridge shop how to join?

Valley sky porridge shop investment process:

join conditions:

1. identity Valley enterprise culture;

2. is willing to engage in food and beverage service industry management;

3. is willing to accept the headquarters of the unified training and implementation of uniform standards;

4. has some money and a good social relationship and suitable housing;

5. has entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial spirit;

6. in the industry has the relevant enterprise management resources.

join process:

1. consulting matters

2. investigation

3. fill in the letter of intent to join

4. looking for suitable listings

5. field survey

6. signed a franchise contract

7. plans to develop shop

8. decoration

9. opened

believes that through the introduction of more than you have to "how to join the valley sky congee" this problem has a certain understanding of what if there are other issues are not clear or have joined thoughts can give us a message on our website below, we will contact you in the first time to see.

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