On behalf of the car to join the franchise fee

generation of drivers to join the fee? A lot of people have questions, on behalf of the driver to join the project there are many, some projects need to join the fee, some do not need, it should be determined according to the project itself. Jazz on behalf of the driver does not need to join the fee, is a small business, worthy of attention.


Jazz generation driving join advantage analysis:

1, gold market   wait for you nuggets

as the generation of driving platform one-stop solution provider, sir on behalf of the drive to provide better services, management system, a mobile phone will be able to manage thousands of teams, easily operating profit rich good business.

2, full support   get rich quickly

join Sir driving on behalf of headquarters to provide complete and systematic training support, technical support, settlement support, operational support, marketing support, project support, customer service support a full range of support services.

3, multiple security   surplus Gregory


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