Residents Medicare insurance optimization process to run errands and other issues to solve the pad

city residents medical insurance payment from this year to adjust for the natural year, the number of insurance has risen sharply this year, insured residents reached 342 thousand people (including three counties), an increase of 120 thousand over last year, an increase of 54% over last year, a record high.

this year, residents of health insurance is a significant feature, that is, financial subsidy expense, thus enhancing residents’ health insurance inclusive, provides a strong material guarantee for the residents insured. Hospital reimbursement of insured residents this year increased by 5 percentage points to -10, the maximum limit of the original 30 thousand yuan per year increased to 80 thousand yuan; outpatient reimbursement from the original 30% to 50%; expand the special outpatients disease range, improve the proportion of reimbursement and reimbursement quota; Basic Medicare residents in the same individual payment on each the amount of funding increased from 200 yuan to 240 yuan (200 yuan for children). On this basis, the city social security bureau also constantly optimize the handling process, the residents of Medicare insured in the community, the payment in the bank, the medical network instant direct settlement management, solve the insured residents insured medical treatment after the "advance" and "errands" and "queuing" problem.

at the same time, social security agencies at all levels to strengthen propaganda, community committees, staff home publicity, make good policy, safeguard the All the world knows. known to every family, medical residents work smoothly. In addition, the Provincial Department of education attaches great importance to the city and the strong support of the Bureau of education, this year the number of students enrolled in tertiary institutions also increased significantly, reaching 52 thousand people, the number of children and children insured up to 120 thousand people.


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