Proverbs Hehuang culture as the theme of the south of Xining District of Hehuang Park recently opene

– Wenfeng Tsui, the wind and rain in the scenic Shixia years will carry out – park tourist satisfaction and Star Park appraisal


12th Five-Year" since, Xining city around the "ecological province" strategy and "Mattel strategy tree as the key" principle, combined with the creation of a national forest city, comprehensively promote the construction of green ecological barrier, Nanshan suburban afforestation, theme park construction, urban landscape, ecological environment has been further improved. This is July 30th, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of Xining.

at present, the Nanshan ecological green barrier project (two) afforestation task has been completed one year ahead of a high standard of afforestation of 45 thousand and 800 acres, complete the construction of water conservancy irrigation infrastructure. Xining City, the relevant departments have also planted a large mount of Nanshan before the slope, planting area of 10 thousand acres. At the same time, the completion of a number of small green area attractions. Nanshan ecological green barrier construction project was named the "Three North" quality project, the 2012 annual China Habitat Environment paradigm award".

theme park built and opened to the public applauded. In addition to the completion and opening of Xingzhi Park, Qaidam Park, Huang Le Park (renovation), Chaoyang Park and green Begonia Park, Hehuang park will also recently opened. Wenfeng Tsui, the wind and rain in the Shixia scenic area is stepping up construction, will complete the construction tasks throughout the year; sports park is being carried out preparatory work for the project.

park is located in the south of Hehuang District, in the Northeast in green bridge, Linxi long road, southeast northwest, southwest to the pro Nanchuan River Bridge, planning a total area of about 14.8 hectares. Mainly to show the "Hehuang proverb Culture" as the theme, to carry forward the Hehuang cultural landscape wall carved through column, such as carrier and plant landscaping, construction of water systems, such as attractions to create a garden landscape, inheriting the predecessors of wisdom, is a set of Waterfront Park recreational and cultural heritage in one.

Xining will do a good job in returning farmland to forest and natural forest protection, forest shelterbelt construction, forest construction of key forestry projects at the same time, continue to promote the construction of the theme park, the implementation of the sports park, Ning lakeside wetland park landscape construction and transformation of water, improve the living environment, improve the city landscape and livable level, will be the concept of refinement will continue to carry out management of the park, park tourist satisfaction and Star Park competitions, strengthen Park management. (author: Wu Yachun)

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