Military police college admissions interview will begin

The reporter learned from the provincial admissions, 2014 military academies (including national defense), public security colleges and high school graduates enrolled in general secondary work will be kicked off recently in the youth, to choose to apply for registration, candidates are required to participate in the political assessment, interview, psychological test and physical examination.

choose to apply for military academies (including national defense) the candidates should be located in high school admissions or receive political assessment table and interview table from June 20th to 28, before 18 to the residence, and participate in the relevant departments of the political assessment. Candidates interview work in 68710 units (East Bayi Road, the East Hospital fourth meters to the East) to carry out 800. Before June 29th 8, candidates should hold the ticket, identity card, political assessment form and interview form to report to the interview and interview. After the interview, the provincial military admissions interview will publish the list of qualified candidates and to participate in the psychological test of the time and place. The psychological test after the end of the provincial military admissions announced in the physical examination of the time and place. In order to ensure that enrollment institutions have enough qualified students, will be filled with the military and national defense students voluntary and political examination qualified candidates for all interviews, qualified students to determine the basic enrollment plan 3 times or more. Provincial Military admissions will be in July 8th before 22 in Qinghai recruitment information network announced the list of qualified candidates and physical examination, the provincial admissions provide qualified students list and electronic information.

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