Xining police to ensure the maintenance of public order around the school

9 1 July, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau organized a special police force, to protect the campus and the surrounding order, seriously do the security work during school, ensure that the school does not occur during the normal school campus security problems, and the majority of teachers and students to the personal and property safety.

it is understood that during school elementary and middle schools in Xining, during the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau police station and police organization in the student enrollment to strengthen campus surrounding patrol guard, increase inspection efforts in key areas and more remote places, to prevent the occurrence of injury, robbery, extortion and other cases of the student registration fee. Traffic police detachment sent enough police to maintain the traffic order around the city’s campus, strengthen traffic grooming, to ensure the safety of student travel. The director of the police station, community police and vice president of law, legal counselors on the campus of the campus security checks to guide the implementation of the school safety precautions.


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