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according to the municipal government, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics propaganda central document working group on poverty alleviation in Heping Township, Huangyuan County propaganda and long village and village village racecourse, since the working group of the propaganda of the party’s "three rural" policy, public opinion research, try to solve practical difficult to clarify the development of ideas, and discuss development plan.
first, find out the basic situation, master first-hand information. The working group stationed in the village of two soon after the village committee, held meeting of representatives of Party members and the masses, the local economy and society, the building of grassroots organizations, migrant workers, the planting structure, the basic situation of income sources in a conversation, and packet to go door to door, and farmers chatted, touch, have first-hand information to provide the basic guarantee for the smooth development of the propaganda work, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of the work.
two, combined with local realities, to promote the three rural policy. after a preliminary understanding of the basic situation of the two villages, the working group on March 6th, held a village team members, members of the party, the masses, the county in the village cadres and all members of the working group to preach the meeting. At the meeting, the working group leader, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of statistics, Li Xuehu, combined with the actual situation of the local people to preach the main spirit of the 2012 central part of the document and some of the local farmers involved in some preferential policies. We seriously study the central document, the agriculture science and technology as the focus of the implementation of the central and provincial Party Committee document spirit, explained, to guide farmers to accurate understanding and application of science and technology, mining production potential. At the same time in-depth family farmers extensive publicity, and make full use of blackboard and other forms of propaganda, preaching the spirit of "three agriculture" policy and the central document, the propaganda blackboard has content do the central document spirit, main policy measures 2.
three, clear development ideas, seek to increase production and income. held the village cadres, Party members and representatives of the masses, members of the working group on the forum, and the two villages, long race and how local conditions to develop agricultural production, increase farmers income were serious and heated discussion, that the two village is located in the mountainous region, the natural conditions are poor, and far away from the roads, rural economic development restricted by the relatively slow growth of farmers’ income, to change this situation, we need to update the concept, clarify ideas, to seek suitable for the two village agricultural road of economic development. In the updated concept party should take the lead, take the team to the idea, to do the work of the masses, in the production development according to the spirit of the central document in the science and technology innovation, science and technology in the first place, not blind followers, causing mass income decline. The working group and the actual node Helong village, put forward in the two village development "double film potato, garlic seedling planting and to develop aquaculture, guide farmers and migrant workers, two village, Party members and the masses of the identity, think this is a good way for the development of the two villages, is the development of farmers’ income the road. At the meeting, the villagers said the villagers will seriously discuss the recommendations of the working group, lung and village plans;

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