May to the provincial capital of the park in the end of the year, the signature dishes in October

tulip flower show, Begonia Festival, peony exhibition…… May to October, the provincial capital of the park will usher in prime time garden. In the meantime, the provincial capital of the people’s Park, cultural park, Begonia Park, etc. will be out of the garden, signature dishes, so that the public and tourists have fun in the park. Unlike in previous years, this year, the provincial capital of the traditional park activities will be stronger, doing fine on the basis of developing new ideas in expanding and combining the park garden features, comprehensive thinking in the planning concept, design, layout and attractions activities and interesting aspects of art and planning, arrange a series of garden flowers. Activities, to ensure that the park "Month activities, every year there is innovation".

from April to May: tulip "make you an important thing all Park, people’s Park is still pretty" tulip flower show in 2013 every year in April and May, the people’s Park in the tulip flower show unprecedented, this park exhibited 20 varieties, 300 thousand tulips. At the same time, when the tulips bloom on the occasion, the people’s Park Main Road on the north side of the cherry garden, peony garden, cherry blossom, peony bloom; on the south side of the main road of rose garden, evergreen tree, the rose colored and has formed a reasonable layout of the landscape effect of deciduous trees, flowers blooming shrubs reflect each other, people enjoy the scenery is preferred.

at the beginning of May: Begonia Begonia Begonia flower park Tours has a reputation as a fairy, its color, aroma, posture and rhyme are all top grade, the coming season, a variety of Begonia flower flourish, bloom, the formation of a unique landscape. After 12 months of construction in order to show the "Begonia culture" as the theme of the Begonia Park, the park has been completed in September 2012, will be officially opened in April 30th this year, when the inaugural Begonia Festival, exhibited a total of 8 species of Begonia 1000.

at the end of May to September: Qingfeng food reward rose Beishan Forest Geopark Jingyun green scenic area formally opened on September 2012. Beishan Forest Geopark scenic spot planning relying on green background, to highlight the characteristics of human history of Beijing and Qinghai, two of the two peoples and local customs and practices show friendship and mutual assistance, unity of spirit connotation as the dominant ideology, show different geographical and cultural characteristics. In order to let the scenic better service for the general public, make the city greening achievements to better benefit the people, Qingfeng food will hold the first rose exhibition at the end of May to September.

from May to June: "Cultural Park in late May to early June national beauty and heavenly fragrance", the second "Peony Exhibition" will be held in the Cultural Park, to create "flower flourishing, drunk, enjoy" the spring flowers spectacular, citizen peony, peony, peony understand love, wonderful interpretation of "national beauty and heavenly fragrance". In the meantime, will showcase in Xining area popular more than 2 strains, 3 color, 5 Color Purple peony and Luoyang peony. Among them, more than 15000 strains of Paeonia rockii, Luoyang peony 3 varieties more than 5000 strains of white, red, purple, pink, double color.

in mid June: Xining garden botanical garden to see bonsai in mid June, Xining botanical garden will be held in China · Xining;

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