SMS alarm platform opened 20 days

December 16th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Bureau Command Center, the province 12110 SMS alarm service platform will be officially opened in December 20th at the provincial level. 12110 SMS alarm and supplement an important adjunct service platform is alarming service on 110, but also to promote the information under the condition of people, new initiatives convenience, is the Qinghai provincial public security bureau party to practice the party’s mass line of educational practice, and actively respond to new expectations and new demands of the masses, the innovation of social management, to combat crime, service people, an important measure to benefit people’s livelihood. 12110 SMS alarm alarming platform opened, marking the 110 alarm service work in our province to expand public service channels, enhance the ability to enhance the alarm alarm service, service level, building a harmonious relationship between the police and to achieve a new breakthrough. Mobile phone SMS alarm platform to receive alarm range is mainly: first, speech hearing disabled, or because of the language barrier and inconvenient use of voice alarm; two is in a particular environment, the current criminal activities have endanger personal and property safety of the inconvenience of using voice alarm; the three is to report and provide clues to crimes it is not convenient to use; four other voice alarm emergency alarm. The public security organs to receive SMS alarm, will be the fastest time in accordance with the laws and regulations and relevant regulations, proper disposal and alarm matters, as the case through SMS reply alarm, alarm and alarm to inform the receiving situation. Police advise, 12100 SMS alarm service resources are limited, under normal circumstances, the alarm, please call the phone number 110 alarm, do not use the free SMS alert service platform 12110. For malicious harassment and false alarm personnel, the public security organs will be severely dealt with in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and pursue legal responsibility.  

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