The introduction of the province to carry out consumer disputes mediation

reporter learned from the Provincial Department of justice, in order to improve the social contradictions and disputes diversified disintegration system, and actively explore new ways and new method under the new situation, to timely and effectively prevent and resolve consumer disputes, boosting the province’s social harmonious and stable development of economy, the Provincial Justice Department, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce Bureau, provincial consumer association and the provincial people’s Association for mediation recently jointly issued "on the consumer dispute mediation work opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions").

the "opinions" provisions, the consumer dispute mediation organization in the judicial administrative department of industry and Commerce (market supervision departments) under the guidance of the provincial, state, city and district (county) set up according to the needs of the Consumers Association, to be equipped with more than 3 mediators, regulate the mediation organization name and place functions must adhere to the voluntary equality; in accordance with the law, mediation, litigation rights and respect the principle of charging, promptly resolve all kinds of consumer disputes, smooth channels. Opinions also provides for the scope, procedures and systems of the people’s mediation of consumer disputes. "Opinions" pointed out that, in the province to carry out consumer dispute mediation work, is an urgent need to adapt to economic and social development, is the inevitable requirement to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, is the important content to improve the contradiction of diversified dispute solution mechanism, timely and effective to resolve consumer disputes, protect consumer safety, it is important to maintain social harmony and stability.


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